About Me


I Was born at July 14th, 1987 on Madiun, East Java, Indonesia.

Start to enjoy photography as serious hobby since beginning 2010, My first introduction to photography was accompanied with my first DSLR i bought from my friend. Until now, photography is being my routine. I start learning photography on the street. I brought my DSLR almost everyday, capturing anything that i think it is interesting to me. Since then, Photography like never stop giving me a brand new joy each time i dig on it.

if i’m asked about who are my favorite photographer, most of them are magnum’s photographer, like Henri Cartier Bresson, Saul Leiter, Bruce Gilden, Abbas, and many more. I’d like to say, i am general photographer, i capture what i like using the way i like. But it doesn’t mean that i am disagree that being an expert on a specific photography genre is a great thing, i choose to be general photographer so there is no need for me to create unnecessary limitation for my works. Because that is the way i define art, a limitless world that has no end.